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Tara, oluştur ya da dönüştür. İçinde arama yapılabilir, arşivlenebilir PDF/A uyumlu belgelerin uygun fiyata oluşturulması.PDF/A'i Doğrulayın

PDF/A'i Doğrulayın

  1. Prepare Your Documents for Archival .

      PDF documents can be suitable for archival. They can be searchable, device independent and self contained. However, just because a file ends in .PDF does not mean that it will be archivable.

    Solid PDF Tools allows you to convert your PDF files to PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2b, validating them for the ISO 19005-1 or ISO 19005-2 PDF/A specification.
  2. Why PDF/A is Great for Archival.

      PDF documents are very flexible and can contain many different kinds of information and formatting. However, while some features are required for the accurate archival of documents, others are not ideal for this purpose.

    Converting PDF documents to PDF/A and validating them for the ISO 19005-1 specification is needed to help ensure that they will display and function the same way in the future as they do today.
  3. ISO 19005-1 Compliance.

      When converting PDF files to PDF/A, Solid PDF Tools can repair many of the common issues that prevent ISO 19005-1 compliance.

    Some of the issues that can be fixed automatically are:
    • File structure issues
      Stream compression, file trailer correction, removing external files, removing optional content.
    • Device independent color spaces
      Replacing RGB and embedding OutputIntent profile.
    • Missing or incorrectly embedded fonts
      Full verification and replacement with embedded fonts.
    • Metadata inconsistancy
      Reforming metadata and synchronizing it with the document information dictionary.
    • Inconsistent Annotations
      Removal of prohibited annotations such as audio and video, repair of malformed properties in allowed annotations.
    • Prohibited Actions
      Excluding prohibited actions such as JavaScript and ImportData.
  4. Be Certain that Your Documents are Archivable.

      It isn’t possible to tell if a PDF document is suitable for archival just by looking at it in a PDF reader. Even if it were possible, it would likely be impractical for most people to manually look over every document they wish to archive to ensure that it is PDF/A compliant.

    Solid PDF Tools allows you to work with multiple PDF files, converting them to PDF/A and validating their compliance with the ISO 19005-1 or 19005-2 specification. With it you can be certain that your documents will display correctly in the future.

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