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PDF'i Word'e Dönüştürücü Müşteriler
Tara, oluştur ya da dönüştür. İçinde arama yapılabilir, arşivlenebilir PDF/A uyumlu belgelerin uygun fiyata oluşturulması.PDFleri HTML'e Dönüştürmek

PDFleri HTML'e Dönüştürmek

  1. Easily Convert PDFs to HTML.

      Solid PDF Tools uses advanced document reconstruction to convert PDFs into formatted W3C compliant XHTML. Simply:
    1. Open your PDF file in Solid PDF Tools
    2. Select Convert to HTML
    3. Convert!
    Document formatting is recognized to handle columns, headers and footers and graphics and images.
  2. Easy Conversions.

      Right-Click functionality in Solid PDF Tools allows you to quickly convert a single page or multiple pages of content to HTML. Using the Pages Pane select the page or pages to be converted using Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click. Then, Right-Click and select "Convert to HTML"...
  3. Confirm Pages to be Converted.

      Confirm or change the pages to be converted with Solid PDF Tools and select your desired "Conversion Settings"...
  4. Set your HTML Conversion Options.

      Decide if you want to include or exclude images in your HTML file created by Solid PDF Tools. You can also specify the image format type and maximum width of images.
  5. Using Optical Text Recovery to Convert Scanned Pages.

      If converting a scanned page, select the options you want to use to OCR (optical character recognition) the PDF with Solid PDF Tools.
  6. Conversion Progress Indicator.

      The progress indicator in Solid PDF Tools will alert you to any problems encountered during the conversion process...
  7. Viewing Your Converted File.

      By default, your converted file will be displayed in your browser. Converted files are saved as .htm documents.

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