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Konwerter PDF do Word Nasi Klienci
Konwertuj PDF do Word, Excel - Dokumenty prostsze w edycji i obróbce!Konwertowanie PDF do zwykłego tekstu

Konwertowanie PDF do zwykłego tekstu

  1. Easily Convert PDFs to Plain Text.

      Solid PDF Tools uses advanced document reconstruction technology to extract flowing text content from PDF documents. Simply:
    1. Open your PDF file in Solid Converter
    2. Select Convert to Text
    3. Convert!
    Document formatting is recognized to handle columns, remove headers and footers and remove graphics and images.
  2. Quick and Easy Extraction.

      Right-Click functionality in Solid Converter allows you to quickly convert a single page or multiple pages of content to plain text. Using the Pages Pane select the page or pages to be converted using Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click. Then, Right-Click and select "Convert to Text"...
  3. Confirm Pages to be Converted.

      Confirm or change the pages to be converted with Solid Converter and select your desired "Conversion Settings"...
  4. Saving Your File.

      Select the target folder on the options dialog where you'd like Solid Converter to save your converted file to...
  5. Using Optical Text Recovery to Convert Scanned Pages.

      If converting a scanned page, select the options that best meet the quality of your PDF document.
  6. Maximum Characters Per Line.

      Specifying the maximum number of characters per line will make your new plain text document easier to read. The default setting is 100 characters per line in Solid Converter.
  7. Viewing Your Converted File.

      By default, your converted pages will display in your plain text editor.

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