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PDF Creator - Create Optimized, Secure PDF Files Instantly

Solid PDF Creator is one of several excellent PDF to Word converter and PDF creation products from Solid Documents. Review the comparison table below to see which PDF conversion and creation product best fits your needs, then click the Buy Now! button to purchase the appropriate product.


Convert PDF to Word and Content Extraction:

PDF to Word Converter.

Convert your PDF files to Word documents for easy editing.

PDF to Excel Converter.

Convert tables from your PDF files to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. Select pages or entire document.

Office Open XML .docx Format.

Converts PDF files to Word .docx format without requiring Microsoft® Word to be installed.

Office Open XML .xlsx Format.

Converts PDF files to Excel .xlsx format without requiring Microsoft® Excel to be installed.

Include Non-table Data in Excel Sheets.

PDF to Excel conversion now offers the option to include non-table data.

Combine Multiple PDF tables onto 1 Excel Sheet.

PDF to Excel conversion now offers the option to combine tables onto a single Excel sheet.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter.

Advanced document reconstruction converts PDFs to PowerPoint presentation files. Office Open XML .pptx filter. Converts PDF to PowerPoint without requiring Microsoft® PowerPoint to be installed.

Text Annotations to Word.

Recover text markup in Word.

Extract Data.

Use this to extract data from PDF files to .CSV files. User options include: specify delimiter, line terminator and encoding to be used during extraction.

File | Export.

Export PDF file content to any of the supported conversion formats (.docx, .doc, .rtf, .xlsx, .xml, .pptx, .html or .txt).

Scanned PDF Recovery.

Convert legacy scanned PDF files into well formatted, editable Word documents.

Scan to Word.

Scan directly from paper to well formatted, editable Word documents using Solid OCR.

Selective Extraction.

Select the content you wish to convert to Word directly from the PDF page. Formatting, styles, layout preserved.

WYSIWYG Content Extraction.

Convert selected text, tables or images from a PDF file. Creates formatted content in Word, tables in Excel or image files.

PDF to HTML Converter.

Use advanced document reconstruction to convert PDF to formatted W3C compliant XHTML. Figures out columns. Removes headers, footers and images.

PDF to Text Converter.

Use advanced document reconstruction to extract flowing text content from PDF. Figures out columns. Removes headers and footers.

Quality Conversions.

No need to waste hours reformatting and reworking your converted Word files.

Headers and Footers.

Advanced options for converting or removing headers and footers.

Table Recovery.

Superior reconstruction of bordered and borderless tables as table objects, with formatting, in Word.

Form Recognition.

PDF form fields are recognized and converted into text boxes for easy editing.

Rotated Text Recovery.

Convert text from your PDF no matter which way it’s oriented.

Hyperlink Detection.

URL hyperlinks in the original PDF are automatically transferred into the new Word document.

Convert From Explorer.

One click to open PDF document into Word from Windows Explorer.

Scanning and Archiving:

TIFF to PDF Converter.

Convert legacy scanned TIFF documents into fully searchable and archivable PDF/A documents.

Scan to PDF.

Scan paper documents into archivable PDF/A documents. Searchable thanks to OCR text layer.

OCR for Search.

Add searchable text layer. Easy for indexing and archiving legacy and paper documents.

PDF to PDF/A Converter.

Convert existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable ISO 19005-1 and ISO 19005-2 compliant archivable documents.

Validate PDF/A.

Verify ISO 19005-1 and ISO 19005-2 compliance for existing PDF documents and repair common issues.

Standard PDF/A Compliance Reports.

Solid PDF Tools creates standard PDF/A validation reports as per the specifications from the PDF/D Consortium.

PDF Manipulation:

PDF Creation.

Simply drag and drop. Easily create PDFs from your documents. WYSIWYG user interface.

WYSIWYG User Interface.

Multiple document PDF UI for page-level manipulation operations.


Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file. Combine PDF files.

Rearrange Pages.

Use drag and drop to rearrange page order in a file or between multiple files allowing selective conversion.

Extract Pages.

Extract pages from a PDF file as a single new PDF or as multiple new PDFs for each page.

Batch-Process Conversions.

Save time by using batch conversion palettes in the UI.

PDF Creation:

Print to PDF.

Create PDF files easily from any Windows-based program.

Password-Protect your PDFs.

You can restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your document.

256 AES Encryption.

This new high level encryption is supported in Adobe® Acrobat® 9 or higher. 128-bit RC4 or AES encryption algorithms also supported.

Set PDF Permissions.

Control which users can read, print, edit, copy or comment your PDF files.

Archive Using PDF/A.

Create PDF/A documents which are fully compliant with current ISO archiving standards.

64 bit Platform Support.

Solid Documents products now run seamlessly on Windows XP 64, Windows Vista 64 and Windows 7 x64.

Set Document Properties.

Define Title, Author, Subject and Keywords to help organize your documents.

Reduce File Size.

Keep your PDFs small with our compression options. Optimize file size for Web or print while preserving an appropriate level of quality.

Acrobat Reader Settings.

Set default view including page layout, initial zoom and page thumbnail view.

PDF Bookmarks from Office.

Automatically create PDF bookmark outlines from Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Publisher documents.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions)


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