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PDF/A creation, conversion and validation software for archiving.PDF Watermarks

PDF Watermarks

  1. Adding Watermarks.

      Solid PDF/A Express allows you to add watermarks to your documents. Using images or text you can quickly add context, branding, or add an electronic letterhead to almost any document.
  2. Predefined Watermarks.

      Solid PDF/A Express also comes with a variety of watermarks that can be customized to meet your needs. You may change the opacity, size, position or name of each watermark.
  3. Custom Watermarks.

      Custom watermarks can be created easily and quickly with Solid PDF/A Express using text, images, or PDF files.
  4. Watermarks as Comments.

      Using watermarks with Solid PDF/A Express you can quickly add a comment to your document. Simply right-click on the desired watermark and select "Apply..." to add your watermark to a select number of pages, or "Apply to All" to add the mark to all of your pages. You can also drag and drop to quickly apply a watermark to all pages.
  5. Protecting Content .

      Watermarks can also be used to help protect the content of a document that you send to your customers or coworkers. With Solid PDF/A Express you can also add password protection and encryption to further enhance document protection.
  6. Reinforce Branding.

      Reinforce your brand by adding it to your documents. Use Solid PDF/A Express to take existing images and re-purpose them into your PDF documents.
  7. Electronic Letterhead.

      Creating an electronic letterhead with Solid PDF/A Express is easy. Simply create a new watermark using text or by uploading a transparent image or PDF to Solid PDF/A Express, then...
  8. Add Your Letterhead.

      ...add your new letterhead via drag and drop, right-click, or by simply clicking the "Apply" button found at the top of the Watermarks Palette in Solid PDF/A Express.

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