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  1. Convert PDF to PDF/A.

      Solid PDF Tools allows you to convert your existing PDF documents (normal or scanned) into fully searchable ISO 19005-1 and 19005-2 compliant archivable documents. This helps to ensure that you can find the right document when you need it, and that it will appear the same way it did when you archived it. Simply:
    1. Open your PDF file in Solid Converter
    2. Click Convert PDF to PDF/A
    3. Select your options and Convert!
    Many organizations use PDF files to archive important documents. However, just because a document has been stored as a PDF file does not mean that it will be searchable, nor does it mean that it will look the same when viewed years after it was made.

    Using Solid PDF Tools to convert your PDF files to PDF/A helps to ensure that your documents will be searchable, display reliably and be archivable.
  2. Convert Scanned PDF to PDF/A.

      With Solid PDF Tools scanned images in PDF documents can be optimized for size or for accurate color reproduction. Customized optimization settings can also be used.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be applied to scanned pages, allowing your documents to be indexed and searched.
  3. Convert Multiple Documents .

      You can use Solid PDF Tools to convert multiple PDF documents to PDF/A. This allows you to easily prepare large groups of documents for archival.
  4. PDF/A Compliance.

      Solid PDF Tools automatically resolves many issues in PDF documents which prevent them from being PDF/A compliant and suitable for archival.

    Examples of this include using JavaScript, using LZW compression, not including XMP metadata and not embedding fonts.

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