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Who Are We?

Solid Documents was founded in 2001 to lead in the document productivity software category.

As one of the first providers, Solid Documents has been successfully delivering best-in-class document reconstruction and archiving software for close to two decades. Its founder, Michael Cartwright, has extensive software development, management and document management experience. He recognized that PDF is the de facto document collaborative environment of the future that will enable a Universal Format for Document interchange.

The company’s mission is to enable this vision by innovating the industry with its award-winning software, software development kit (SDK) and customer service.

Why Solid Documents?

Electronic documents have replaced standard pen and paper.

A myriad of document types now exist - from standard paper, to scans, e-mails, electronic documents, Google Docs, billing forms, etc. While document type may run the gamut — from legacy applications to e-documents — not everybody can read, share or save these documents. People work in different environments, on different platforms, and have different versions of applications. And, the mature worldwide standard to share all these documents —regardless of language or platform — is PDF.

Document integrity is critical to the success of document reconstruction and archiving. It is something that helps all users, whether business or consumer — increase productivity, efficiency and realize the true value of their time.

That’s where Solid Documents comes in. Solid Documents has developed one of the most technologically sound and innovative document reconstruction and archiving software solutions in the industry. Through its offerings of enterprise-class SDK and consumer solutions, Solid Documents is increasing the usability of documents with its solutions, enabling time savings and efficiency.

Quality Products

As one of the first providers of PDF productivity software, Solid Documents understands the critical role of sharing, keeping and archiving native documents within the document workflow process. Solid Documents has helped hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals improve workflows and productivity for sharing of all types of documents. The company’s technology has been deployed throughout the globe in a variety of industries, such as insurance, legal and healthcare.

Solid Documents’ portfolio of best-of-breed software is supported by a global partner network and end user companies. The Solid Documents Framework SDK has already been integrated into several productivity offerings, including: Adobe® Acrobat® X, translation software, business process software, banking software, legal document management and enterprise document creation and others. Solid Documents consumer products continue to help both small and mid-sized businesses and consumers reconstruct and archive files on a variety of platforms.

Customer Focus

Solid Documents offers real-world solutions for real-world problems. Leading organizations including Cicso, USDA, GE and Pfizer rely on Solid Documents to help them increase the usability of native documents in the reconstruction and archiving process, regardless of language, document type or platform.

Your satisfaction is Solid Documents' success. A large percentage of business is based on referrals from satisfied customers. Solid Documents constantly receives positive feedback about their products and technical support.

I have NEVER BEFORE had such a prompt and helpful response as yours. Your reply was very quick indeed. It was also very clearly stated and comprehensive. And it showed an instant grasp of my issue, which I assure you is not usually the case with support responses. I was able to follow your clear instructions and solve the problem in less than a minute. I thank you sincerely.
- Paul Malloy

Translators are often asked to translate PDF documents, but previously there was no easy answer. Now, the integration of Solid Documents into SDL Trados 2009 provides the perfect solution for them. We found Solid Documents an easy company to work with and we were able to quickly integrate its technology with ours. The API is easy to use, the software is robust and reliable and the quality of the output is very good. We have had excellent feedback from our customers and we anticipate a long and successful partnership with Solid Documents.
- Terry Lawlor, VP Solutions, SDL plc

International Base

Solid Documents is proud of the diversity in their worldwide customer base and localizes its software in many languages. Solid Documents strives to deliver their products to the broadest practical international audience and at locally affordable prices.

For more information about Solid Documents, please view company background, philosophy, and press releases.


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