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Controle o Tamanho de seus PDF's

  1. Drag and Drop your PDF file into Solid PDF Tools.

      Does your local newspaper publish their newspaper in PDF format on the web? The Issaquah Press does but the file size is a bit heavy. We’ll show you how to trim the file down to just the page you want to share with your family and friends. Then we will optimize the PDF file so you don’t blow up their e-mail inbox with a huge attachment.

    For our example we will use Section C of The Issaquah Press. This section consists of 4 color pages and the original size of the file is 2MB. The fourth page is about local school activities. This is the content we’ll show you how to share.

    First thing is to download the 2MB file from their web site. Then drag and drop it into Solid PDF Tools.
  2. View Document Pages.


    View thumbnails of the pages in the PDF file by either clicking on the Pages icon or by accessing the menu View | Document Panes | Pages.

  3. Delete Unwanted Pages.


    You can now easily delete the first 3 pages of the file by shift-clicking (hold the shift key and click) on pages 1, 2 and 3 and then delete. You can delete by right-clicking on one of the selected pages and choosing Delete Pages... or use the menu item Document | Delete Pages....

  4. Optimize PDF File.


    Now you have the 1 page you want to share. The file size reduced to 982KB (just under 1MB) by removing the 3 extra pages.

    Save the modified PDF. If you don’t care about the original content you can overwrite the original file. If you do care about the original content, save under a new file name.

    Let’s optimize the size even more so you can send the smallest file possible, while still retaining good quality for viewing on our computer screen.

  5. Controlling Quality of Optimization.


    You are going to down sample the images on the page to screen quality. This will make the file smaller for emailing.

    Change the settings for color, grayscale and monochrome images to 96 dpi.

    Click OK. Save the file under a new name. You need to save the file with a new file name because file optimization cannot be “undone”. This prevents you from loosing the original content.

    Now the file is less than 500KB. This is a much more acceptable file attachment size to send off via e-mail.

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