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Screen Capture and Image Sharing Toolkit

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$29.95    Learn about Solid Capture features.

  • Capture ANYTHING on your screen
    Solid Capture gives you the power to capture everything from multiple full screens down to a single pixel of color. Capture multiple windows, drop-down menus, colors, and even text right from your screen.

  • Edit, format, and share your captures
    Editing, formatting, printing, saving, and e-mailing your captures are all a click away. You can even create your own PDF containing your selected captures.

  • Simple and intuitive interface
    Solid Capture's simple design allows you to effortlessly capture your screen, sort and select previous captures, edit, print, and share with ease.

"Keeping things simple is a beautiful thing: Solid Capture is so awesome, it's in daily use on my desktop!"

-Shirley DeLong
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