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Recycling PDF Data in Excel

Extract and reuse your data. Use Solid Converter® PDF to distill data from PDF files – tables, images, and more. Then recycle that information in Microsoft® Excel®.

PDF is an ideal file format for sharing documents among many readers. Files can be compressed to small file sizes and protected with different types of security. However, it isn't easy to extract information directly from a PDF. Solid Converter PDF was designed to help with that problem.

In Solid Converter PDF you can extract tables directly to Excel. Then you can change information, insert formulas, and customize the data for different purposes. Each table will be placed in its own Excel worksheet in a single file.

You can also extract images and insert them in the Excel worksheet.

With the ability to convert easily between PDF and Microsoft Office, you can take advantage of the strengths of each different program and file format. Solid Converter PDF helps you recycle information previously locked in PDF files and make the best use of each of your programs.


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