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Making PDFs Work for You

The PDF format is a versatile, flexible format with many uses, but it is not a “one size fits all” solution. This issue of Solid Tips focuses on working with some of PDF’s unique attributes so you can create files and use them in a way even your Webmaster will love.

There are many different ways in which PDFs can be used – filing legal papers in court, sharing a detailed home design with a client, preparing a brochure for publishing, and so forth. These documents may be shared via the Web, sent in e-mail, or simply printed for distribution. However, each use has its own different set of requirements and specifications for making the PDF usable and trouble-free.

Solid Converter PDF’s features give you control over the PDF file so you can tailor the output to your needs. For example, our Optimization feature gives you a number of pre-set options that automatically control compression, image resampling, and font embedding. Simply choose your output format and the converter does the work for you. Or if you’re a publishing specialist with exact specifications, you can use our Custom selections to make your own choices.

Creating PDFs with Solid Converter PDF has always been easy. Our goal is to help you create the highest quality, easiest to use PDFs possible.


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