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Solid Converter PDF v3.0 Enhances PDF Conversion and Creation Capabilities

New features, including advanced table handling and the ability to create PDFs in any program, make PDF conversion product more compatible with Microsoft Office than ever

Redmond, Washington, November 10, 2005. Solid Documents LLC, makers of Solid Documents™ products, today announced the release of Solid Converter® PDF version 3. The new version features advanced PDF conversion and creation capabilities that enhance its compatibility with Microsoft® Office programs, making it easy to convert documents to and from the universally accessible Portable Document Format (PDF).

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with PDFs;" said Michael Cartwright, CEO of Solid Documents, LLC. "With Solid Converter PDF users can easily import PDF content into Microsoft® Word and Excel®, make edits and changes, and save their files in the PDF format again after editing. There’s no need to learn or own other software to take advantage of the power of PDF."

The new version of the product features:

  • Enhanced conversion output. Now more than ever, Solid Converter PDF v3.0 provides extremely high-quality conversions that are easy to edit in Word or Excel. Technological improvements in the program have improved the quality of extracted graphics, character formatting, font handling and font matching. The integrity of the original file is maintained, eliminating the need for reformatting and rework.
  • Advanced table handling. Users can now extract tables from PDF files directly into Excel spreadsheets to access and re-use data. Users can also open PDF files with tables into Microsoft Word, where each table is handled as a separate object that can be easily changed using Word’s table manipulation features.
  • Create PDF from practically ANY program. In the new Professional version of Solid Converter PDF users can create PDFs from almost any Windows® program.* (As in previous versions, users of the Standard version can create PDFs directly from Microsoft Word.) Newly created PDF files can be compressed for faster downloading on the Web and protected by adding passwords to open or edit documents.

A common use scenario might be the following: A user extracts a PDF table to an Excel spreadsheet, makes updates to the data, and adds new formulas. Because of the compatibility of Microsoft products, the new converted table can then be imported and re-used in other Office programs such as Word or PowerPoint®. The new document is then saved as a compressed PDF and displayed on the company’s Web site.

Solid Converter PDF has been a successful and trusted product for years, backed by first-class customer service. As one of our many appreciative customers recently told us, “Good buys are hard to find; this is one of them.”

Feature List:

  • Extract tables to Excel
  • Extract all images to common graphics files formats – JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or TIF
  • Create PDFs from almost ANY Windows program* (Professional version only)
  • Supports new Word and Excel XML formats used in Office 12
  • One-button PDF creation from Word
  • One-button PDF creation from Excel and PowerPoint (Professional version only)
  • Converts the entire PDF file at once, or, you can choose specific pages to be recovered
  • Matches PDF fonts with Microsoft Windows installed fonts
  • Re-flows content from column to column, and page to page
  • Replicates the PDF page layout including tables
  • Retains fonts, character formatting and paragraphs
  • Enhanced table conversion in Microsoft Word
  • Plain Text option that removes layout and character-level formatting, if desired
  • Converts vector graphics to embedded, editable vector objects in Word

*The Create PDF function works from any application that prints with the exception of certain page layout programs.

Availability and Pricing:

Solid Converter® PDF is available directly through Solid Documents™, the Solid Documents global network of reseller partners, and major software retailers. Solid Converter PDF v3 is available in $49.95 and $99.95 (Professional) versions for individual users, with volume discounts available through the Solid Documents Enterprise License Program. For additional information on features, pricing, and volume licensing programs, please visit

About Solid Documents, LLC:

Solid Documents, LLC, makers of Solid Documents products, is a leading provider of easy-to-use document utility tools, including Solid Converter PDF. The company creates an array of affordable document conversion, image capturing, and digital editing products that are backed by superior customer service and support. Company success can be attributed to one fundamental design principle: Keep it simple.

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