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Creating Usable Forms

Countless PDF files on the Internet consist of scanned forms or other documents that need to be filled out. You can print them and fill them in by hand, or you can convert them to a Microsoft Word® or RTF file and type in the data required.

The easiest way to enter information onto a scanned form is as follows:

  1. Open Solid Converter PDF and convert the PDF form to an RTF file.
  2. Open the converted RTF file in Word or other word processing software.
  3. Create text boxes on top of the fields where you need to enter data. In Word, you can do this by selecting View|Toolbars|Drawing from the menu (if the drawing menu is not open already) and clicking the following icon. You can then drag a text box over the area where you want to add information.
    Word Text Box
    To remove formatting from the text box, first click the border of the text box to select the object. On the Drawing toolbar click the Fill icon (paint bucket shown below) and select No Fill to remove the fill. Then click the Line icon (paintbrush below) and select No Line to remove the line.
    Word Fill Line
  4. Type the information you want to add.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 at each location where you want to add information on the form.

Make sure you save this document if you need to use this form often. You can then change the information in the text boxes as needed.

You can also print the document or convert it back into a PDF file as needed. Converting the document back into a PDF before sending it by e-mail helps ensure that the information is protected.


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