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PDF-naar-Word-converter Klanten
Converteer PDF naar Word, Excel - eenvoudig bewerkbare documenten!Wachtwoordbeveiliging voor PDF's

Wachtwoordbeveiliging voor PDF's

  1. Password Protection.

      With Solid Converter you can restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your document.
  2. Open PDF .

      Open the document you wish to secure as a PDF and select File | Print...
  3. Select Printer Driver.

      In the Print menu that appears select the Solid Converter printer driver and click OK...
  4. Set Document Properties.

      In the window that appears, name your PDF document, ensure that Prompt for Document Properties is checked and click Create...
  5. Encrypt Your PDF.

      Using Solid Converter select the encryption level for your PDF document, select the actions you want to allow without a password, enter your password and click OK. This allows you to optimize your documents for either security or backwards compatibility with older versions of Adobe Reader...
  6. Your Secure Document.

      When you open your PDF document in Adobe Reader you’ll see that it is "SECURED". Users will be unable to use the features that you have restricted.
  7. Prompt For Password.

      Any manipulation of the document that is not already allowed, such as converting the PDF to Word with Solid Converter® PDF, will prompt the user to enter the password in order to continue.

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