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Q. Solid Converter What are the differences between reconstruction modes (conversion methods)?

A. In Solid Converter you can choose from five different reconstruction modes, depending upon your needs:

  • Flowing. Recovers page layout, columns, formatting, and graphics, and preserves text flow.
  • Continuous. Does not retain the exact layout of the document. Correctly reconstructs the text order but will only recover paragraph formatting, graphics, and text flow.
  • Plain Text. Displays text without any formatting or layout. This mode will not recover formatting (characters or paragraphs) or graphics but will recover text flow using column and page layout analysis. (Note: You must use the wizard when converting a PDF file to plain text.)
  • Exact. Uses Word text boxes to ensure that the text and graphic layout in the Word document is the same as the PDF file. This mode should not be used if you need to make lots of edits to the recovered content. It is most useful for short artistic or brochure-like documents.


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