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PDF/A creation, conversion and validation software for archiving.Easily Create PDF Documents

Easily Create PDF Documents

  1. Solid PDF/A Express creates PDF documents from most programs .

      Almost any Windows application that can print a document will work with Solid PDF/A Express to easily create PDF documents.
  2. Creating PDF documents with Solid PDF/A Express is Easy .

      Simply open a document in your Windows application…
  3. Opening the Printer Dialog.

      In most applications you can select File | Print...
    In Word 2007 you can select the Office Button | Print | Print...
  4. Printing to the Solid PDF/A Express Printer Driver.

      Select the Solid PDF/A Express printer driver and click OK…
  5. Naming the PDF file in the Create PDF Window.

      Name the PDF file and click the Create button. Check the 'Prompt for Document Properties" to add security settings, document information, etc.
  6. The Created PDF document opens in your PDF Reader.

      View your new document in your PDF Reader.

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