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Конвертер PDF в Word Пользователи
Конвертирование PDF в Word, Excel - Документы, удобные для редактирования!Извлечение таблиц из PDF в Word

Извлечение таблиц из PDF в Word

  1. PDF Documents to Word.

      One of the many powerful features of Solid Converter is the ability to extract tables from a PDF file to Word. You choose whether you want to extract from an entire document or a range of pages.

    No matter what your preference you can integrate our products into your document workflow naturally.
  2. Preserving Styles in Word.

      You won't lose any of the borders and shading, colors, cell alignment and styles when you convert your PDF table into a Word table with Solid Converter.
  3. Borderless Tables into Word.

      Even borderless tables convert into Word as a Word table object. Solid Converter preserves the layout just like in the original.
  4. Forms with Text in all Directions.

      Solid Converter converts your PDF table into a Word table and keeps the text alignment and form objects in the right place.

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