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Conversor de PDF para Word Clientes

Solid Commander Tutorial Principal

Este é um exemplo conciso para ajudar a conseguir Solid Commander instalado e funcionando.

Automated Conversion of PDF Files to PDF/A Compliant Files

Automated Conversion of existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable ISO 19005-1, ISO 19005-2 and ISO 19005-3 compliant archivable documents.

Steps for Creating PDF/A Compliant Files

  1. Select Convert to PDF/A from the New Process Menu.
  2. Set the location of the following folders. You will need a Source Folder, Output Folder and Error Folder.
  3. From the Options Tab set:
    • The PDF Standard.
    • If you want to add a Searchable Text Layer.
    • The OCR Language for the files you are going to convert.
    • And select if you want to Optimize the size of the created file.
  4. Click on the Status Tab. Click Start this will prompt you to Save your process with the options you have set. When you have saved your process it will Start.
  5. To Pause the process at any time click Suspend.


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