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PDF til Word konverterer Kunder

Solid Scan to Word

Scan to Word or Convert to Word from PDF files.

Solid Scan to Word takes your legacy paper files and converts them to editable, usable Word documents.

Document Conversion and Reconstruction


Archival and Creation

PDF til Word
 Convert to PDF/A
Scan to Word
 Verifiser PDF/A
Convert to Excel
 Skann til PDF
Convert to HTML
 PDF to Searchable PDF or PDF/A
Convert to PowerPoint
 Create PDF using Office
Convert to Text
 Create PDF from Images
Extract Data
 Create PDF using printer driver
Extract Images
Selection Conversion (file or clipboard)
 Page Manipulation
Word Addin (Open PDF button)
Word Addin (Open Image button)


Page Viewer (Zoom, etc.)
Passwords, Permissions, Encryption
Document Properties
Viewer Settings
Print PDF
Konvertering fra PDF til Word. Konverter dine PDF filer til Word dokumenter for enkel redigering.
Skann til Word. Skann direkte fra papir til velformaterte, redigerbare Word dokumenter.


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