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PDF til Word konverterer Kunder
PDF/A creation, conversion and validation software for archiving.Distribute Information in your Organization Accurately and Securely

Distribute Information in your Organization Accurately and Securely

  1. Drag and Drop File.


    Being successful in business means getting information to the right employees in a timely fashion. Want to give your sales people the heads up on new pricing before it hits the streets but still want to let them know it’s for their eyes only? We’ll show you how to use PDF to send out the news.

    Drag and drop the PDF price list into Solid PDF/A Express.

  2. Select Watermarks Palette.


    Select the Watermarks palette by clicking on the palette tab:

  3. Apply Watermark.


    For our example we are going to mark our price list as “confidential, do not distribute”.

    To mark all the pages you just select a watermark and then drag and drop the watermark onto the document (or select and click the Apply button and select which pages to have the watermark applied to).

  4. Control What Others Can Do with the PDF File.


    Add an owner password to restrict who can modify or print the document.

    Tools | Options | Create PDF | Security

    Choose an encryption level.

  5. Lock Down the PDF File.


    Set up an owner password to restrict printing, editing and extraction of content. For this example the PDF file is going to get locked down. No printing, no editing, no copying of contents, only viewing.

    Click OK. Save the secured and modified PDF file and distribute.

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