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What's new in version 10?

Solid PDF Tools sets the standard for PDF to Word conversion. Almost 20 years of PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text and PDF to HTML document reconstruction expertise. Try it today and see for yourself. Purchase today.

User Interface

Solid PDF Tools now has an easy to use start page to access your key tasks and files.

New start page.

The simplified user interface has a focus on the core functionality - document reconstruction: bringing important and commonly used options closer to the surface, simplifying the application of options: one set of options, one way to perform a task.

All new simplified user interface.

By popular demand we've integrated features such as print, search and document properties to make our product a better default PDF viewer.

Here are 3 easy to remember short-cut keys to access these features:

<Ctrl><P>- Print
<Ctrl><D>- Document Properties
<Ctrl><F>- Find (text search)

All new simplified user interface.

All new simplified user interface.

New Solid Ribbon for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Ribbon Add-in for Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Quickly "open" PDFs in Word and includes excellent direct Scan to Word functionality that is obviously missing from Word.

Open PDF files directly into Word.

64 bit Microsoft Windows and Multi-Process Support

Solid PDF Tools is a native 64 bit application when running on 64 bit Windows. This improves performance and capability when dealing with very large documents (32-bit processes limited to using only 2GB of computer memory).

Solid PDF Tools now takes advantage of multi-core processors. This improves performance for time intensive operations like OCR and batch file conversions.

Windows 10 is supported. Solid PDF Tools also runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Conversion Improvements

As always, Solid PDF Tools has many conversion quality improvements, including:

  • Detection and reconstruction of Table of Contents
  • Text wrapping
  • Auto rotate detection
  • Better font substitution for unusual fonts
  • Improved serif and san-serif font recognition and selection
  • Better paragraph reconstruction for unusual layouts
  • Improved table recognition and reconstruction
  • Improved line and paragraph spacing
  • Enhanced header/footer detection and reconstruction
  • Bullet symbol improvements: support for non-standard font mappings
  • Optical Character Recognition (better text and image recovery)

Selective conversion is much improved and simplified. You can now reconstruct a selected area of a PDF page directly to the clipboard in multiple formats with a single click.

Select text or images and right-click and copy to the clipboard.

Archiving and PDF/A

Solid PDF Tools has reworked scanning functionality for easy document assembly. Supports the two most common scenarios very well: Scan to PDF and Scan to Word. WIA and TWAIN drivers supported. Solid PDF Tools will present your scanner manufacturer's scanning dialog so you can use all the features available for your device.

All new scanner support in v8.

Solid PDF Tools and Solid PDF/A Express have superior PDF/A creation, conversion and validation tools.

PDF/A Archival and Validation

Solid PDF Tools and Solid PDF/A Express support the following PDF/A formats:

PDF/A-1a: This level, also referred to as Level A Conformance, is fully compliant with the ISO 19005-1 Standard. This version includes tagging, so that text can be extracted and viewed by multiple devices including hand-helds.

PDF/A-1b: Referred to as Level B Conformance, this category is considered to be the minimal compliance level for PDF/A. This level guarantees that the document can be displayed and read on a computer monitor, but the legibility of the text is not guaranteed.

PDF/A-2 (support for 2a, 2b and 2u): PDF/A-2 is based on the ISO standard 32000-1 and takes advantage of features that came after the Adobe PDF 1.4 specification. This includes

  • support for JPEG2000 compression (benefits for scanned color documents)
  • embedded PDF/A files via collections/portfolios
  • transparency, optional content (layers): useful for mapping or engineering drawings or documents with multiple languages (implement different content on different layers)
  • unicode support (PDF/A-2U)
  • object level XMP metadata (new requirements for custom metadata)
  • comments and annotations (defined list of acceptable and prohibited annotation and comment types for PDF/A-2)
  • digital signature rules defined

PDF/A-3 (support for 3a, 3b and 3u): PDF/A-3 is based on the ISO standard 32000-1 and offers support for support for embedded files of any format.

Tagged document structure is required for PDF/A-2a and PDF/A-3a compliance. Existing tags are preserved when converting tagged PDF files to PDF/A-2a and PDF/A-3a.


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