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PDF-naar-Word-converter Klanten

Zelfstudievideo voor Solid Automator

Getting Started with Solid Automator:

Take the Tour.

Get started with our short 4 minute tour of Solid Automator new user interface.
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Download and Trial.

This tutorial guides you through downloading and installing a trial version of Solid Automator.
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Unlock Solid Automator.

This short tutorial shows you how you can unlock Solid Automator after purchasing a license.
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Archival Using PDF/A:

PDF to PDF/A Converter.

Convert existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable ISO 19005-1 and ISO 19005-2 compliant archivable documents.
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PDF/A valideren.

Verifieer of bestaande PDF-documenten in overeenstemming zijn met ISO 19005-1 en ISO 19005-2, en herstel vaakvoorkomende kwesties.
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OCR for Search.

Add searchable text layer. Easy for indexing and archiving legacy and paper documents.
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Start a Process Automatically.

Convert large batches of files automatically on Windows Startup using the Solid Documents Automated Process file.
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