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Adobe lizenziert die Solid Documents-Technologie für Acrobat X

Redmond, WA – November 15, 2010 – Today, Solid Documents, a leading developer of document reconstruction and archiving software, announced that Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe) has licensed the Solid Framework SDK for Adobe® Acrobat® X. Adobe Acrobat X takes advantage of Solid Documents’ PDF to Word and Excel conversion capabilities, allowing Acrobat X users to easily reuse and repurpose PDF content.

"After reviewing the available options, we chose to use Solid Framework technology for the conversion of PDF files to Microsoft® Word and Excel in Adobe® Acrobat® X. The document reconstruction quality is very good and the Solid Documents team has been a pleasure to work with on this project," said Aman Deep Nagpal, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions, at Adobe.

“We’re excited that Adobe is using Solid Framework as part of Adobe® Acrobat® X,” said Michael Cartwright, founder and CEO of Solid Documents. “Reviews highlighting Acrobat X’s conversion features are already in and the results are very positive.”

The pre-release version of Acrobat X’s PDF to Word and Excel features using Solid Framework’s core conversion technology received the following rave reviews:

“Anyone who works with PDF knows the headache of converting a PDF file into an editable Word or Excel document for Microsoft Office 2010. Acrobat X does a startlingly good job of exporting PDF files into Office-editable documents.” –Edward Mendelson, Contributing Editor, PC Magazine, “Adobe Acrobat X,” 10/18/2010

“The folks at Adobe told me that the export functionality of Acrobat X has been vastly improved. I can vouch for the export to Word being improved. I recently tried to export a text based PDF that had been filed in federal court, with the goal of copying some of the text to use as sticky notes. I wasn't able to do it with Acrobat 9 because of some issue with font compatibility. I opened up Acrobat X and gave it a try, and it converted the 22 page document in less than 10 seconds.” –Ernest Svenson, Writer, PDF for Lawyers, “Adobe announces Acrobat; my quick review” 10/18/2010

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