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Solid Framework Code Sample

This is a concise sample to help get started with Solid Framework SDK

Using OpenFileDialog

The code below shows you how to use the OpenFileDialog method.

Using OpenFileDialog

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Steps to Use the OpenFileDialog Method

  1. Import the trial Developer License:

    License.Import(new StreamReader(@"C:\Users\Joe\license.xml"));

  2. Locate TIFF Files using OpenFileDialog:

    OpenFileDialog dialog = new OpenFileDialog();
    //show only Tiff Files
    dialog.Filter = "TIFF files (*.tif)|*.tif";
    dialog.Multiselect = true;

    if (dialog.ShowDialog() != System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK)

    private void dosomethingwiththefile(string p)
      throw new NotImplementedException

  3. Do something useful with your files:
    Now you are ready to do something useful with your TIFF files like converting them into a PDF file.


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