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Konwerter PDF do Word Nasi Klienci

Solid Framework Code Sample

This is a concise sample to help get started with Solid Framework SDK

Control access to PDF files with permissions

Use the Solid Framework Permissions property to set user permission in a PDF File.

Control access to PDF files with permissions

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Steps for setting Permissions property

  1. Import the trial Developer License:

    License.Import(new StreamReader(@"C:\Users\Joe\license.xml"));

  2. Locate the PDF files using OpenFileDialog:

    OpenFileDialog OpFile = new OpenFileDialog();
    //show only PDF Files
    OpFile.Filter = "PDF Files (*.pdf)|*.pdf";

    if (OpFile.ShowDialog() == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK)

  3. Create a new PDFDocument object:

    PdfDocument document = new PdfDocument();

  4. Add the file the user selected to the new PDFDocument:

    document.Path = OpFile.FileName;

  5. Open the File:


  6. Create a new Security Handler object:

    PdfPasswordSecurityHandler securityHandler = new PdfPasswordSecurityHandler();

  7. Assign the Permissions to the PDF Using the Security Handler:

    securityHandler.Permissions = AccessPermissions.Printing;
    securityHandler.Permissions = AccessPermissions.ExistingFormFieldFilling;

  8. Write the changes back into the document:

    document.SaveProtected(securityHandler, OverwriteMode.ForceOverwrite);


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