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Convertitore da PDF a Word Clienti

Solid Framework Code Sample

This is a concise sample to help get started with Solid Framework SDK

Event Handling with Solid Frameworks Job Processor

Convert large batches of files with event handling using the Solid Framework Job Processor.

Event Handling with Solid Frameworks Job Processor

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Steps for Converting large batches of files with Event Handling

  1. Import the trial Developer License:

    License.Import(new StreamReader(@"C:\Users\Joe\license.xml"));

  2. Set up the folders the processed files will be moved to:

    //set your source and output folders
    static String sourceFolder = @"E:\process\source";
    static String outputFolder = @"E:\process\output";
    static String errorFolder = @"E:\process\error";

    //Check there is a source folder if there isn't throw and exception
    if (!Directory.Exists(sourceFolder))
      throw new InvalidOperationException();

    //if there is a source folder but no output folder - create the output folder.
    if (!Directory.Exists(outputFolder))
    //Lastly create the error folder.
    if (!Directory.Exists(errorFolder))

  3. Use the JobProcessor Method to start a process:

    //Simple synchronous (no events) version
    using (JobProcessor processor = new JobProcessor())

  4. For each file in Source Folder - You must set the OCR Language any other settings are optional:

    processor.JobCompletedEvent += new EventHandler<JobCompletedEventArgs>(processor_JobCompletedEvent); //TAB to create method

    foreach (String pdfPath in Directory.GetFiles(sourceFolder, "*.pdf", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly))
      PdfToWordJobEnvelope jobEnvelope = new PdfToWordJobEnvelope();
      // OCR Language must be set
      jobEnvelope.OcrLanguage = "en";

      //Some Optional Settings / forexample just convert the first page
      PageRange pageRange = new PageRange(new int[] { 1 });
      jobEnvelope.PageRange = pageRange;

      //Set the output format
      jobEnvelope.OutputType = SolidFramework.Converters.Plumbing.WordDocumentType.DocX;


  5. Set the Source path of the files and Submit the Job:

       //Set the Source Path
       jobEnvelope.SourcePath = pdfPath;

       //Submit the Job

  6. Set a time period to give the process a chance to complete:

    //Gives the process time to complete

  7. In your Method Stub create a new PDFtoWord JobEnvelope:

    static void processor_JobCompletedEvent(object sender, JobCompletedEventArgs e)
      PdfToWordJobEnvelope jobEnvelope = e.JobEnvelope as PdfToWordJobEnvelope;
      jobEnvelope = e.JobEnvelope as PdfToWordJobEnvelope;


  8. If there are any errors report them to the console window:

    //Trap if their are any errors
    if (jobEnvelope.Status != SolidFramework.Services.Plumbing.JobStatus.Success)
      // report errors to the console window
      Console.WriteLine(Path.GetFileName(jobEnvelope.SourcePath) + " failed because " + jobEnvelope.Message);
      String eFolder = Path.Combine(errorFolder, Path.GetFileName(jobEnvelope.SourcePath));
      String ePath = jobEnvelope.SourcePath;
      File.Move(ePath, eFolder);


  9. Files are saved to a temporary location and need to be moved with the correct file extension:

      //files are saved to a temporary location and need to be copied. This code builds the file name
      String wordFolder = Path.Combine(outputFolder, Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(jobEnvelope.SourcePath));

      //this add the file extention that must match what was chosen above.
      String wordFile = Path.Combine(wordFolder + ".docx");

      //for each file in the jobEnvelope copy it to the file path and format above
      foreach (String wordPath in jobEnvelope.OutputPaths)
         String wordDestination = Path.GetFileName(wordPath);
         File.Copy(wordPath, wordFile, true);


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