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Solid Framework Code Sample

Questo è un semplice esempio per aiutarvi ad installare e far funzionare Solid Framework. È stato testato con l'edizione Gratuita di Solid Framework utilizzando Microsoft's Visual Studio. Per istruzioni su versioni specifiche:

Proteggi i file PDF con una password

Utilizzando le proprietà Password dell'Utente e Proprietario Solid Framework

Dall'oggetto di SolidFramework.Pdf.PdfDocument potrai accedere alle proprietà delle stringhe UserPassword e OwnerPassword.



This sample can be downloaded and installed as-is with a Solid PDF Tools v9 unlock code to quickly review the functionality. If you do not have a Solid PDF Tools license please contact .
Download the installer (68MB)

In addition, the source code for this sample is provided so that it can be explored as a reference implementation, built and run. If you build it yourself, it will not work with Solid PDF Tools v9 unlock codes and will require a per-machine developer license from the developer portal. (self-service).

Download the SolidConverter-Jobs Processor Sample (219KB)

Using Solid Framework JobProcessor with Visual Studio 2013 - .NET Sample

  1. Create a free portal account, download theSolid Framework .NET for Windows SDK and generate a Developer SDK license
  2. Download the SolidConverter-Jobs Processor Sample (261KB). Navigate to where you have saved the sample and open the SolidConverter.sln project.
  3. Add SolidFramework.dll as a reference to the project.
  4. To build this sample as x64 (64-bit) only - download the x64 (64-bit) SolidFramework.dll or choose x64 in Solution Platforms with AnyCPU (x86 and x64) SolidFramework.dll.
  5. Right click on the project and choose Rebuild.
  6. Hit F5to run the project.
  7. When the form loads, click on the large "Question Mark" then select Unlock.
  8. Enter in your license details from your Soild Framework license. Then you are able to use the sample to convert PDF files. NOTE if you don't unlock the product it will fail with a invalid license error.:


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