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Solid Framework Code Sample

This is a concise sample to help get started with Solid Framework SDK

Using the Solid Framework C++ Sample

These following samples can be downloaded and installed as-is with a Solid PDF Tools v9 unlock code to quickly review the functionality. Without an unlock code the application will convert but watermark all output.

If you do not have a Solid PDF Tools license please contact for a license for the purpose of evaluating the SDK.

The source code and SDK for this sample is provided in the form of 2 zip files, the project file below and the Solid Framework C++ for Windows SDK zip file, available from the developer portal (self-service). This will not work with a Solid PDF Tools V9 Unlock Code. This sample project can be explored as a reference implementation, built and run.

Using the Solid Framework C++ Sample

Click to play Code Walk Through Video

Steps for Using the C++ Sample with Visual Studio 2013

  1. Create a directory and download the following zip file into that directory and extract the Solid Framework C++ for Windows zip file also into that directory.
    Download the (84KB)
  2. Create a free portal account, download the Solid Framework C++ for Windows SDK and generate a Developer SDK license
  3. Extract the .zip file above and the x86 or x64 Solid Framework C++ for Windows zip file from the developers portal (without editing the path names) into your new directory.
  4. Open SolidConverter-Native\SolidConverter.sln in Visual Studio.
  5. Right click on SolidConverter-Native project and select Rebuild.
  6. Hit F5 to run the project.
  7. When the form loads, click on the "Question Mark" in the upper right, then click Unlock.
  8. Enter your license details from your Solid Framework license. After unlock, you are able to use the sample to convert PDF files. NOTE if you don't unlock the product it will fail with a invalid license error.

Note: Only the 32 bit (x86) or the 64 bit (x64) version of the Solid Framework Native SDK is required depending on which configuration you decide to build and support.


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