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Solid Framework Code Sample

This is a concise sample to help get started with Solid Framework SDK

Using the Solid Framework Developers Portal

The Video below show you how to access the Solid Framework Software Developer Tools. The tutorial shows you how to create a developers account, download licenses and the Software Developer Kit.

Using the Solid Framework Developers Portal

Click to play Code Walk Through Video

Steps to Download the Solid Framework SDK from our Website

  1. From the left navigation menu click Solid Framework then Download.

  2. You will see 2 tabs. Use Register to register for a free, self-service developer account or Log In if you already have an account with us.

    After registering a confirmation email with a link to get access to the site will be sent immediately.

    Note: You cannot register with free email addresses, such as gmail or hotmail.

  3. Once you’ve logged in you will see 3 tabs. The License tab allows you to create test licenses and purchase internal licenses. Please contact us for information on Public Distribution licenses.

    The Unlock Codes tab allows you to obtain the license.xml file. You need this and refer to it in code in your application.

    You will need your Machine ID in order to create and download this file. Free developer licenses and internal licenses are machine specific.

  4. Click on the SolidMachineID.exe file link, this will download an app that will give you your Machine ID.

  5. Run the file. Your machine ID will be displayed in the Solid Machine ID field. Click Copy and then paste this value into the Machine ID field on the Unlock Codes tab then click Create.

  6. Now click on the generated Unlock Code XML icon to download the file. Download to a known location for future reference..

  7. Finally from the Downloads tab, download the SDK file. Click on the download that suits your environment.

    This file may take a moment to download. Download to a known location for future reference. You will need to add this as a Reference in your project in order to use the framework.


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