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Solid Framework

.NET библиотека с класове без лицензионни такси: създаване, конвертиране, интерпретиране и модифициране на PDF файлове

Give your products a competitive edge with the Solid Framework .NET developer toolkit. This SDK provides the power to create applications with the ability to create, modify and convert PDF files. Deliver your products to the market faster with the latest technology available from Solid Documents.

Solid Framework Technology is the same PDF to Word technology used by Adobe® since Acrobat® X.

Adobe® Acrobat®
Solid Framework

"After reviewing the available options, we chose to use Solid Framework technology for the conversion of PDF files to Microsoft® Word and Excel in Adobe® Acrobat® X.

The document reconstruction quality is very good and the Solid Documents team has been a pleasure to work with on this project."

- Aman Deep Nagpal, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions
  Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Licensing and Distribution

Solid Framework is packaged and licensed as a royalty-free Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for 3 forms of distribution.

Getting Started

The trial developer license will allow you to explore the features of our Professional edition SDK. Using the free trial developer license will scramble text and produce "not for resale" watermarks in output.

There is no need to contact us, simply download and go – start developing your PDF solution today!


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